Pet Rescue and Adoption Act Act AB 485 (O'Donnell)

October 13, 2017

Governor Signs Bill to Ban the Sale of Mill-Bred Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits

Sacramento, CA October 13, 2017 - A landmark bill banning the sale of mill-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits in pet stores was signed by California Governor Jerry Brown today.  In addition to the ban, AB 485, introduced by Assemblymembers Patrick O'Donnell (D-Long Beach) and Matt Dababneh (D-Woodland Hills), and sponsored by Social Compassion In Legislation (SCIL), will require that stores offer dogs, cats, and rabbits from shelters and rescue groups. The signing of AB 485 makes California the first state in the country to enact a policy of this kind and will eliminate the trafficking of mill-bred animals into California pet stores.


"This is an exciting day for pets in California," Assemblymember O'Donnell said. "I am very grateful for the strong support we received from animal-lovers across the state and from Social Compassion in Legislation, the bill's sponsor. This is a big win for our four-legged friends, of course, but also for California taxpayers who spend more than $250 million annually to house and euthanize animals in our shelters."

SB 673 Pet Lovers Plate

October 14, 2017

Governor Signs Bill to Fund Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Sacramento, CA October 14, 2017 - Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 673 Pet Lover's Specialized License Plates , authored by Senator Josh Newman (D - Fullerton). SB 673 allows the funds generated from the Pet Lovers Specialty License Plate program to be distributed to providers of no-cost or low-cost spay and neuter services by the Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in cooperation with the California Spay & Neuter License Plate Fund, Inc. (Fund).  

"Since its introduction, the Pet Lover's Specialized License plate fund has raised a significant sum in support of low-cost spay and neuter programs. Unfortunately, due to administrative issues, those funds have not been disbursed as the original sponsors and donors intended.  SB 673 is a straightforward solution to this problem that will ensure these funds are applied in the service of this admirable initiative. Getting these funds disbursed will go far to spare the lives of the over half-million innocent cats and dogs that are euthanized in California's shelters each year," said the bill's author , Senator Josh Newman.

Police-Canine Encounters Protection Act AB 1199 (Nazarian)

May 26, 2017



Silver Linings in Stalled 

AB 1199 Police-Canine Encounters Protection Act

We are disappointed to report that AB 1199, the Police-Canine Encounters Protection Act, has stalled in the Appropriations Committee due to staff's concerns regarding costs of implementing the training program. Yet, despite the bill not moving forward, there are several positive outcomes from this process.

Firstly, by introducing the bill, Assemblymember Nazarian put a much-needed spotlight on the issue of police-canine encounters that end with a dead or injured dog. This problem has flown under the radar of our legislators for too long, but thanks to Assemblymember Nazarian and the SCIL team, that is no longer the case.

Secondly, through this process we found that the tracking of canine shootings is severely lacking and nearly impossible to find. SCIL is leading discussions of implementing a uniform reporting system across the state would go a long way towards reducing police-canine encounters that end badly, and help to quantify the problem and justify the cost for training. 

Lastly, a pilot program showing the benefits of the training in two or three counties may be possible and is also being discussed among stakeholders. A successful pilot program would be invaluable in ushering this mandatory training at a statewide level.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a support letter and made phone calls.  There was never a doubt the training was needed, it was the cost to implement the bill that was the issue.  

HR 28 Dababneh/Calderon - Humane Education

May 02, 2016

This bill put the state of California on record that compliance with Education Code provisions should include educating students on the principles of kindness and respect for animals.  It includes the observance of laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to the humane treatment of animals, including wildlife and its environment. We are so proud to launch this humane first step towards developing compassionate generations to come.

SB 1200 (Jackson) Animal Cruelty: Training: Criminal Statistics

August 29, 2016

SCIL, in conjunction with Davey’s Voice Spearhead bill SB 1200 (Jackson) Animal Cruelty/Training: Criminal Statistics

This bill was created in response to the brutal murder of a puppy in Santa Barbara named Davey.  In short, it  requires the department's annual report to the Governor to include information concerning arrests for animal cruelty. The bill requires local agencies to collect and report additional information to the Attorney General, imposing a state-mandated local program. Thank you Senator Hannah Beth Jackson for your invaluable help to get this law passed. 

City of Los Angeles Permanently Bans Mill-Bred Animals

April 20, 2016

SCIL spearheaded a landmark ordinance carried by Councilman Paul Koretz that banned mill-bred animals (dogs, cats & rabbits) from being sold in the City of Los Angeles retail stores. The ordinance requires that the dogs, cats and rabbits offered for sale must come from a rescue group or from an animal shelter. 

Thank you to Councilman Paul Koretz and all the Council Members who voted for the ordinance and to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who originally signed it into law.

Hillary Clinton Adds Animal Welfare Issues To Website

March 04, 2016

For the first time in history, a United States presidential candidate of a major party included animal welfare and protection to their official website. Hillary Clinton launched “Protecting animals and wildlife” in the “Issues” section of her official website after speaking with Judie Mancuso and Simone Reyes of Social Compassion In Legislation. As stated on her website: “Hillary is committed to promoting animal welfare and protecting animals from cruelty and abuse.”

Laguna Beach’s Plan To Trap And Kill Coyotes

January 12, 2016

Judie Mancuso, President of Social Compassion in Legislation persuades City of Laguna Beach officials to stop trapping and killing coyotes.  “It is embarrassing and shocking that my hometown would choose to hire an exterminator to kill coyotes,” said Mancuso, who coyote-proofed her patio to protect her pets after realizing that a family of coyotes lived below. “Our quaint little beach town has declared itself a ‘bird sanctuary’ and ‘marine protected area,’ but sadly, has chosen to trap and kill an iconic native species. 

S04327A/A 5956 Rosenthal - NY Dining with Dogs Bill

November 05, 2015

New York, NY – Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal (D/WF-Manhattan) announced that her bill, A.5956-C/S.4327-A, which would permit restaurants to allow pet dogs to accompany diners in outdoor dining areas, was signed into law by the Governor today. The law, which takes effect immediately, allows restaurants to choose whether to allow dogs. In addition, it establishes minimum safety and sanitary standards and also permits municipalities to regulate the practice. 

ACR 56 Linder – Official State Pet - Signed Into Law

September 08, 2015

This bill made the shelter pet the Official State Pet.  Every year California euthanizes over 500,000 pets that end up in our overflowing shelters across the state. ACR 56, authored by Assembly Member Eric Linder and co-authored by Assembly Member Wilk, and sponsored by our friends at State Humane Association of California and SCIL. We hope to raise the visibility of these poor lost lives. The shelter pet is now the official state symbol right alongside the California Grizzly Bear (State Animal), the California Red-Legged Frog (State Amphibian), and the California Poppy (State Flower). 

Ban The Trap Billboard Campaign

August 05, 2015

SCIL’s  “Ban The Trap” billboard and social media campaign successfully swayed votes by the California Fish & Game Commission on August 5, 2015 to prohibit bobcat trapping state-wide saving countless lives. 

AB 1965 (Yamada) - Dining With Dogs

August 21, 2014

AB 1965, Introduced by Assembly Member Yamada and sponsored by SCIL made it legal for restaurants to offer areas for people to dine with their companion canines in California. 

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California Pet Lover's License Plate

January 08, 2013

The California Pet Lover's License Plate, developed by SCIL, sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Board provides a fun and easy way for pet lovers to help reduce pet overpopulation. Proceeds from the plate provide funding for free or low-cost spay & neuter surgeries across California, and also help to raise awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering. 

L.A. Councilmember Paul Koretz - Ordinance Passed to Prohibit Mill Bred Animals in Pet Shops

October 24, 2012

The establishment of a ban on the sale of commercial animal mill-bred dogs, cats, and rabbits within the City of Los Angeles limits introduced by Council Member Paul Koretz was passed 12-2 and signed into law by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, and spearheaded by SCIL.

Press related to the new ordinance proposal
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Laguna Beach - Ordinance to Ban Sales of Puppy Mill Animals

May 01, 2012

SCIL led the introduction of an ordinance in the City of Laguna Beach which banned commercially bred pets in pet stores.

SB 702 (Lieu) – Microchipping Impounded Animals

March 23, 2011

SB 702, Introduced by Senator Lieu and sponsored by SCIL. The bill required all dogs and cats to be microchipped upon adoption or being reclaimed by their owner from California’s local animal shelters. 

AB 2689: Online rabies provision

July 06, 2010

SCIL assisted the City of Los Angeles with crafting language, and lobbying for AB 2689.  The bill was signed into law and permits a city or county to specify the means by which a dog owner is required to provide proof of his or her dog's rabies vaccination. 

Thanks to this law, pet owners can now provide vaccination information online, rather than having to bring proof to an animal shelter. Laws like AB 2689 make it easier for pet owners to obey pet regulations and in turn increase compliance.

Riverside Spay & Neuter Ordinance 630.12

May 26, 2010

County of Riverside Animal Care & Control crafted language along with SCIL who helped facilitate grassroots support for the law.  It unanimously was approved by the Riverside City Council and went on to be adopted by the entire county.   

According to the Riverside Department of Animal Services, the "ordinance was necessary to curb the endless flow of unwanted dogs and cats that end up in county shelters and, ultimately, euthanized."

West Hollywood Pet Shop Ordinance - Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats

February 16, 2010

West Hollywood bans the retail sale of dogs and cats from commercial breeders. City Council Member Jeffrey Prang introduced the bill and SCIL facilitated the ordinance to success, which has provided a model for future similar legislation. 

AB 241 (Nava) - The Responsible Breeder Act

April 13, 2009

AB 241 The Responsible Breeder Act, introduced by Assembly Member Nava and sponsored by SCIL.   AB 241 addressed the problems puppy mills create by limiting the number of intact cats or dogs a seller could maintain. 

SB 250 (Florez) - The Pet Responsibility Act

February 24, 2009

SB 250 The Pet Responsibility Act, introduced by Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez and sponsored by SCIL provided a reasonable, fiscally responsible way of reducing pet overpopulation in California. SB 250 passed the Senate but did not move out of the Assembly.

City of Los Angeles Spay & Neuter Ordinance

October 08, 2008

In an effort to lower euthanasia rates, SCIL worked closely with City of LA staff to draft a suite of ordinances to address the problem, spaying, neutering, microchips and breeder permits were all a part of a big package to combat pet overpopulation in the city.  This ground-breaking ordinance, has become the model for cities around the United States as they enact their own laws to help address the crisis of pet overpopulation.

AB 1634 (Levine) - California Healthy Pets Act

February 23, 2007

AB 1634 (Levine) - California Healthy Pets Act introduced by Assembly Member Levine and sponsored by SCIL addressed pet-overpopulation by mandating spaying and neutering pets.

SB 1806 (Figueroa) - Animals in Unattended Motor Vehicle

September 22, 2006

SB 1806 Authored by Senator Liz Figueroa and sponsored by SCIL went into law 1/2007. 
The law made it illegal to leave an animal in any unattended motor vehicle under conditions that endanger the health or well-being of an animal due to heat, cold, lack of adequate ventilation, or lack of food or water, or other circumstances that could reasonably be expected to cause suffering, disability, or death to the animal is a crime punishable by a fine, imprisonment in a county jail, or both fine and imprisonment. It also expanded individuals allowed to rescue animals to include peace, humane and animal control officers.